American pistol chambered in Colt ammunition.


The Colt is a civilian grade semi-automatic pistol in Unturned. It uses the Colt Magazine by default, which holds up to 7 rounds. The gun takes up 4 slots in the inventory.


The Colt can be found at Civilian and Guns areas on the PEI map.


Item ID 97
Type Gun
Rarity Uncommon
Weight 0.3kg
Slots 4 (2×2)
Equip Secondary
Range 100m
Caliber Civilian
Magazine ID 98 (Colt Magazine)
Modes Safety • Semi
Hooks Tactical • Barrel



Advantages Disadvantages
Takes up 4 slots in inventory. Only accepts tactical attachments.
Easy to find. Weakest handgun.
Tied as most accurate handgun when aimed. Worst handgun to salvage.
Cheapest handgun to repair.
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