Austrian pistol chambered in Cobra ammunition.


The Cobra is a rare handgun in Unturned. It uses Cobra Magazines/Cobra Box which holds 20 and 40 rounds respectively.

The Cobra is a machine pistol, and can switch to automatic. Due to its fast fire rate, this gun can deal a lot of damage at close range. Because it has a slightly low amount of rounds for an automatic weapon, and it has high recoil, it is wise to shoot in small bursts.


Item ID 99
Type Gun
Rarity Rare
Weight 0.3kg
Slots 4 (2×2)
Equip Secondary
Range 80m
Caliber Civilian
Magazine ID 100 (Cobra Magazine)
Modes Safety • Semi • Auto
Hooks Barrel • Tactical



  • PEI The Cobra can be found in police stations and police-grade areas. It is also found in the outpost at Belfast Airport.
  • Washington It can be dropped from Police zombies and found at Police locations.


Advantages Disadvantages
The Cobra is small. Has a short range.
Very fast fire rate. Extremely inaccurate when hipfiring.
20 round magazine, can be expanded. Low damage per shot to players.
Barrel and tactical attachments. No grip or sight attachments.
Low repair costs.
Uses Civilian ammo.
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