In the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, a local man is apprehended for having sex with a wounded cow while using coconut oil for lubrication, as per the local media.

The man, titled Muthu, aged somewhere between 50 and 55, was seen with the injured animal on a railway track, according to the eye-witnesses.

Moreover, a local police officer named Jayavelu confirmed the arrest of the pervert under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The section prohibits unnatural sexual offences and decrees that any individual consensually having sexual intercourse against the order of nature with another person, or animal will be penalized with either life-long imprisonment, or fine, or both.

The deranged Muthu confessed to his morally reprehensible crime and was ordered in police custody.

More significantly, the entire episode came under the notice of the Blue Cross of India (BCI), which is an animal welfare NGO.

The officials at the BCI office quickly dispatched a team of volunteers to the scene upon receiving a report about an injured cow. The representatives were initially perplexed when they spotted the offender Muthu beside the cow.

According to them, the uncertainty about the man’s motive with the cow became certain upon gaining closure, when they witnessed Muthu inserting his manhood into the mammal’s vagina. Also, there was a bottle of coconut oil laying there. The oil was presumably used as a lubricant.

As expected, the perpetrator tried escaping the scene of his degenerative act but was caught in no time by the volunteers. Afterwards, Muthu is believed to have begged for forgiveness.

The shell-shocked cow was sent for medical testing, and the concerned hospital confirmed the trauma the animal went through. It is pertinent to mention that the cow is considered venerated in India and is also worshipped in many parts of the country.

If only Muthu knew that even the best of the lubricants should only be used on his woman, and not a cow.