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Shadowstalker Mk. II Scope – 1442

Acquired from:found on the On the Shadowstalker Mk. II  as standard attachment   Shadowstalker Mk. II Scope File ShadowstalkerMk2_Scope ID 1442 Rarity Mythical Type Sight Attachment Slots 1 Slots (1x1) Zoom 20x Description Rail mounted Shadowstalker Mk. II zoom scope.    

Spec Ops Beret – 1389

Spec Ops Beret Bill's. Crafting 1 Spec Ops Beret = 2 Cloth 2 Cloth = Repaired Spec Ops Beret Item ID 1389 Type Hat Rarity Legendary Weight 0.3kg Slots 4 (2x2) Armor 0.95      

Timberwolf Magazine – 20

Timberwolf Magazine High caliber military grade <color=legendary>Timberwolf magazine. Designed to fit 6 rounds. Crafting 1 High Caliber Military Ammunition Crate = Refilled Timberwolf Magazine 1 Timberwolf Magazine = Refilled Timberwolf Magazine Item ID 20 Type Magazine Rarity Legendary Weight 0.2kg Slots 1 (1x1) Bullets 6 Paintable Yes    

Safezone Radiator – 1050

Safezone Radiator Electricity powered item/zombie spawn blocker. Crafting 6 Metal Sheet + 6 Metal Bar + 1 Vaccine+ Blowtorch = Safezone Radiator(Requires level 3 Craft) Item ID 1050 Type Barricade Rarity Legendary Weight 0.5kg Slots 4 (2x2) Range 4m Explosion 36 Health 450    

Rocket – 520

Rocket Ranger grade <color=legendary>Launcher rocket. Crafting 1 Raw Explosives + 1 Demolition Charge = Rocket (Requires level 2 Craft) Item ID 520 Type Magazine Rarity Legendary Weight 0.225kg Slots 2 (2x1) Bullets 1 Paintable Yes    

Ekho – 1382

Ekho Russian sniper rifle chambered in Ekho ammunition. Crafting 5 Metal Scrap +Blowtorch = Repaired Ekho (Requires level 1 Repair) 1 Ekho = 3 Metal Scrap Item ID 1382 Type Gun Rarity Legendary Weight 0.375kg Slots 10 (5x2) Equip Primary Range 300m Caliber Ranger Magazine ID 1384 (Ekho Magazine) Modes Safety • Semi Hooks Sight

Rail – 301

Rail Prototype grade <color=legendary>Shadowstalker rail. Item ID 301 Type Magazine Rarity Legendary Weight 0.3kg Slots 1 (1x1) Range 6m Bullets 1 Explosion 54    

Military Fragmentation Magazine – 1200

Military Fragmentation Magazine Low caliber military grade fragmentation magazine. Designed to fit 20 rounds. Crafting 1 Military Fragmentation Magazine = Refilled Military Fragmentation Magazine Item ID 1200 Type Magazine Rarity Legendary Weight 0.3kg Slots 2 (1x2) Range 3m Bullets 20 Explosion 53 Spread 1.15