Your personalized jewelry are very special, whether they are gifts from loved ones or your own gifts to yourself. Proper care can make sure your jewelry pieces continue to shine brightly as if they are new and avoid natural tarnishing over time. Even your family heirlooms can be kept for your future generations when taken care of. What many do not know is that there are so many factors that speed up tarnishing of our prized pieces. These include your skin type, lotions and makeup, exposure to other tarnished jewelry, improper storage, contact with anything acidic like in some wet tissues, and sulfur in the air. But there is no cause to fret as tarnish is only an oxidation process which means it does not permanently damage your jewelry in any way. In fact, this process only happens on the surface of the jewelry and can be easily wiped off.

Wipe and clean your pieces with polishing pads that you can get here. Polish or rub your jewelry clean periodically when you notice your charms or your chain is starting to look quite dull. The inscribed letters will not be affected by rubbing with the polishing pad and only takes away the tarnish.

The best care for your personalized jewelry is preventing the tarnish. First, how your jewelry is stored can affect how fast or slow your piece will tarnish. Jewelry must always be stored in a closed jewelry box or an airtight plastic bag. Be careful to not let your piece touch other jewelry especially if other pieces are already tarnished. Remember to never leave out your jewelry on a dresser or a table. Finally, another great way of preventing tarnishing is to constantly wear your jewelry. This is effective because of the constant polishing your piece gets from rubbing on your skin.