OUTRUN 2 (2003)

Everyone must have heard about this Outrun 2 driving game where the player bomb along the road and everyone have to drive at speed in one direction. It’s a classic game.



This arcade and Saturn exemplary promoted the rally category in 3D, with a wide range of land and far more types of traction-types than we were used to from racers. It may appear to be simple now, however back when it was a disclosure.



This is the most loved, played, enjoyed and appreciated game ever by all age groups. This game started as a spin-off but it has become its own juggernaut series, with a new look, fresh mechanics and new twists at each version. These games are incorporated in many dealership CRM software too.



Burnout 3 Takedown is an amazing and open-world game. This takedown series of the game has an aggressive driving style and so addictive. The gamers will love to play and grow.


Gran Turismo 2, it is the latest version of Gran Turismo which is much bigger and much better than that of before. It’s a similar core game on a basic level, but the authorized auto roster was drastically expanded, the part amongst Arcade and Simulation modes gave you significantly more amusement to explore, and it ended up being totally obsession-worthy

F-ZERO X (1998)

This F-zero X is the latest version of F-zero which consisted of a poor man’s Mario Kart in space. This version has no weapons, it only consists of 29 opponents against the player assisted by some boost pads. F-zero X is a very thrilling and impressive game. This game also has some features of dealership CRM software.  


It is a kind of game in which cars are playing football. It is so simple and unique game. This game is not bounded by those typical football rules rather you can soar your car into the air in order to make dazzling passes, shots, and goals. This game also has basketball and hockey versions.


This stunt car racer game predicts the future where the Formula 1 is considered so boring so those dumps crazed racers are replaced by roller coaster to make this game more interesting and thrilling. This game can also run on a lowly C64.