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6 Slots (3×2)

Ensign Coalition Top 1420

Acquired from: Captain Sydney on finishing the quests On Air & Getting the Word Out. Ensign Coalition Top ID 1420 Rarity Uncommon Type Top Slots 6 Slots (3x2) Storage 18 Storage (6x3) Description Coalition Ensign rank uniform shirt.    

Quadbarrel – 1436

Acquire from: The Quadbarrel Blueprint required can be gotten from Doc Ernie. Crafting: Masterkey + Scrap Metal (x3) + Quadbarrell Blueprint = Quadbarrel Crafting level 3. Repair:  Scrap Metal (x3) / Blowtorch = Quadbarrel Quadbarrel ID 1436 Rarity Epic Type Shotgun Slots 6 Slots (3x2) Equip Secondary Hooks Sight • Tactical • Grip Defaults None