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In todays video we have a look at some stereotypes in Unturned, I've done this before and with this video I am letting you know I am back to making Unturned skits, let's break 500 likes. β—‰ Like & Subscribe for more crazy content like this! πŸ‘πŸΌ ⚊⚊⚊⚊⚊ β—† Twitter: β—† Twitch: β—† Steam Group:

Stuff’s Best Games Ever: The 8 best driving games of all time

OUTRUN 2 (2003) Everyone must have heard about this Outrun 2 driving game where the player bomb along the road and everyone have to drive at speed in one direction. It’s a classic game.   SEGA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP (1994) This arcade and Saturn exemplary promoted the rally category in 3D, with a wide range of

HK416, Kriss Vector, AKS-74U for Unturned

Custom items for Unturned featuring Kriss Vector CRB/SO, HK416 and AKS-74U. Again huge shoutout to Nelson for help! M14, "SUKA GUN" and Beryl coming soon. You need to be logged in on your Steam account which is a member of Official Unturned Workshop Group in order to download! Download: Trello: Reddit thread: