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Coalition Bottom – 1419

Where and how to get the coalition bottom? From Captain Sydney by finishing the quests On Air & Getting the Word Out Coalition bottoms ID 1419 Rarity Rare Type Bottom Slots 4 Slots (2x2) Storage 12 Storage (4x3) Description Coalition uniform pants.  

Bayonet – 1438

How / where to get the bayonet? Crafting:¬†Bayonet Blueprint + 4 Metal Sheet Bayonet ID 1438 Rarity Rare Type Attachment (Tactical) Slots 3 Slots (1x3) Description Side mounted sword.      

Walkie Talkie – 1445

  How / where to get the walkie talkie? You can get it from all the police grade areas on all maps   Walkie Talkie File Walkie_Talkie ID 1445 Rarity Rare Type Tool Slots 2 Slots (1x2) Description Communicate by voice regardless of distance.    

Coalition Vest – 1425

Acquired by: Doing the following questions for captain Sydney, the on air,the posters and the hunt for jet fuel. It has the same protection as a military vest   Coalition Vest ID 1425 Rarity Rare Type Vest Slots 4 Slots (2x2) Storage 18 Storage (6x3) Armor 0.7 Description Bullet proof coalition gear.

Industrial Gas Can – 1440

Industrial Gas Can ID 1440 Rarity Rare Type Fuel Canister Slots 9 Slots (3x3) Fuel 2500 Description Extra large can of Gasoline.    

Planter – 331

Planter Planting box perfect for raising crops of flowers. Crafting 5 Maple Plank + 1 Fertilizer = Planter 5 Birch Plank + 1 Fertilizer = Planter 5 Pine Plank + 1 Fertilizer = Planter Item ID 331 Type Barricade Rarity Rare Weight 0.35kg Slots 2 (2x1) Range 4m Explosion 19 Health 300    

Wetsuit Bottom – 1180

Wetsuit Bottom Protection against the underwater environment. Crafting 1 Wetsuit Bottom = 2 Metal Scrap 3 Metal Scrap = Repaired Wetsuit Bottom Item ID 1180 Type Pants Rarity Rare Weight 0.65kg Slots 4 (2x2) Storage 10 (5x2) Armor 0.95 Pro Item Yes

Pine Torch – 361

Pine Torch Pine torch to provide a little bit of light. Crafting 4 Pine Stick + 2 Metal Scrap = Pine Torch Item ID 361 Type Barricade Rarity Rare Weight 0.6kg Slots 2 (1x2) Range 4m Explosion 29 Health 250

Pine Shutter – 1225

Pine Shutter Pine shutter ideal for keeping out unwanted visitors. Crafting 6 Pine Plank + 1 Metal Scrap = Pine Shutter Item ID 1225 Type Barricade Rarity Rare Weight 0.65kg Slots 2 (1x2) Range 4m Explosion 29 Health 400